“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”

Oscar Wilde


“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”

Oscar Wilde












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No stranger to YPO, Dorianne is an education and forum resource and addresses Chapters, Area Conferences and Universities and facilitates Forum training groups all over the world. She is the only Certified Transformational Forum Facilitator in Africa.

Dorianne specialises in training and facilitating groups of CEOs from diverse companies and industries in a confidential and trusting environment to enable them to share and deal with personal and business issues.

Over her extensive years of service, Dorianne has held several portfolios, locally, regionally and internationally. She has held the position of WPO Education Chair, was both the WPO Johannesburg Forum Chairman and the Regional Forum Officer for Africa and was the WPO Regional Chair Youth and Family, as well as the Africa representative for the Business Professional Spouse Partner Network.

YPO has recognised Dorianne’s contribution and awarded her with the ‘Best of the Best’ Education Award.

YPO/WPO testimonials & references

“The session was really excellent.  I rated it a genuine 10.   When I get into my next forum, this is the depth to which I would aspire.  Everyone was super committed.  Amazing.  Thanks so much Dori!  ”  –  International YPO Board 2016 , YPO Jhb & YPO Dubai

 “Just wanted to thank you for a most interesting and fascinating day.  As you know, I was sceptical at first, but now I can’t wait to join a forum. Your professionalism and skill is an incredible talent.  Really most admirable.” – 2016, YPO Pan Africa

 “Dear Dori.  I wish to thank you for these great moments we spent together.  I feel we managed to get a great deal of exchange in a very short period of time, it was very intense. Thank you for the quality of your engagement.”  – 2016, Johannesburg

 “The new methodology was fascinating and helpful in terms of personal communication and forum development – THANK YOU!  As you experienced, our forum is dynamic and the new methodology you taught us will certainly be practiced in future.  We will call on you again!” – 2015, Taipei

 “We really enjoyed and greatly benefitted from the forum training and your wonderful company. We definitely made a great choice, by choosing you as our facilitator this year.  Thank you for making such a difference through your encouragement, your wisdom, years of experience and positive approach to our forum.” – 2015, Cairo

“With your invaluable help the Godivas are stronger and even more committed. You showed us how to bring out even the deepest of issues with the level of sharing that was taking place in the room.  Trust and openness have reached a new level.” -Moderator 2015, Kenya

“Thank you for your passion, your positive energy, your knowledge and your inspiration.  Our forum has reached a new level of depth and connection.  It was indeed an honour and a privilege!!!!” – Moderator 2014, Johannesburg

“It’s always great to share your awesome depth of knowledge. Thank you for an extraordinary way of conducting moderator meetings”. – Moderator 2013, YPO JGC.

“We all enjoyed the forum moderators’ meeting last week. Your ability to provide ‘experiential learning’ is remarkable. I left the meeting having learnt specific skills and techniques that will no doubt assist me to increase the depth and impact of our forum’s experience. I have had similar comments from others present”. – Forum Officer 2013-14, YPO Johannesburg

“We all had great expectations for the Transformational Forum workshop but nothing we imagined matched this awesome and life-changing experience. We have integrated TF into our forum meetings and excited with the results. Thank you again”. – Spouse International WPO President Bernard Seeff, WPO Johannesburg 2013.

“The Transformational Forum retreat was exceptional. Our forum has been together for 6 years now and this has really taken us to a different level. We look forward to the follow-up.”
– YPO Harare 2013.

“After 25 years in a forum, I thought we knew it all. In three hours, we were all propelled to a different level – absolutely enthralled, amazed and in awe of our fellow forum members. We are all revitalised and excited about our forum and its potential going forward. I have never valued being in a forum as much as I do today”.  – WPO Johannesburg 2013

“The intervention in our forum session was truly a special and uniquely unexpected experience for me and just what I needed to get me through this challenging time.   I was amazed and in awe of how you guided the group and how understanding and supportive they were. Thank you for gentle, caring words and for being such an amazing person – I felt very privileged to have shared this with you and finally to having met you in the flesh!”  – Regional Director YPO Africa 2013

“Hi special lady. What a difference you have made to our lives! One person said she was in a very dark space before she came. She left feeling a different person, so uplifted like the rest of us. Thank you so much for the healing morning”. – Co Chair WPO Johannesburg 2012

“It was a pleasure and a privilege being part of such a phenomenal group. Dori, thank you for your brilliant facilitation and for sharing your priceless wisdom with us. This experience will forever be cherished by our forum.”  – WPO Spouse Forum 2012

“I am not as articulate as writers of the preceding emails who have expressed their thoughts so clearly but feel that I must acknowledge the depth, sincerity and power of our first meeting.  It was of course superbly facilitated/moderated by Dori. Thank you. I truly believe that we are going to have an amazing journey together”. – WPO spouse/partner forum July 2012

“Hi special lady. What a difference you have made to our lives! One person said she was in a very dark space before she came. She left feeling a different person, so uplifted like the rest of us. Thank you so much for the healing morning”. – Co Chair WPO Johannesburg

“I am the current Education Chairman WPO Johannesburg Chairman and have experienced many speakers of international acclaim. Dori has a delightful unique ability to pass on knowledge in a pleasing style which keeps audiences riveted. This is very funny and the take home value is certainly quantitative. I would truly recommend Dori as an excellent resource” – Education Chairman 2009/2010

 “Tracy and I were so moved by the learning and the power of the process that we wanted to thank you again for your leadership, time, and patience through this process.  We have many powerful points of learning and now feel adequately briefed to appreciate the Forum process and then one day lead our forum. This recognizing the huge gift you have already given to all of us till now”.  – CEO, Batswadi Pharmaceuticals. YPO JHB

“Dori Weil is one of those amazing speakers who can hold any audience spellbound without pulling her punches. She tells it like it is – honestly, directly and effectively – forcing you to reassess your assumptions and all that one simply takes for granted in life. She left an indelible mark at our university with her insights on a variety of issues.”  – Education Chair, YPO India University.

“Dori is simply the best resource for Education and Forum that there is. How wonderful to have her available to our Chapter”  –  YPO Chairman Johannesburg Chapter

“Even though your reputation precedes you, you exceeded all expectations.  Your talk to YPO was sensational, brilliantly delivered and above all meaningful to of us.  Thank you”.  – Chairman, Africa Gateways, YPO

“Dori Weil’s workshop on “Life is Tough… but I’m Tougher” was outstanding, energising and thought provoking. A passionate speaker, combined with a great sense of humour, Dori keeps you completely engrossed, walking you through life’s experiences and how you can change for the better. Her talk on “Family Relationships” while amusingly delivered brought across many home truths and left you with much food for thought.”  – Regional Chairman, YPO India.

“Dori, Just a short note to thank you very much for a very informative and productive two days. Both Debbie and myself found the Moderator training extremely useful and thoroughly enjoyed the interaction.”  – YPO Johannesburg

“WPO is a critical audience who have been exposed to the best international speakers.  Your presentation was compelling, brilliantly delivered and fundamental to all of our lives”. 
 – Chairman, World President’s Organisation, South Africa.

“The consensus was unanimous, everyone appreciated your inspirational talk – you under estimate the positive effect you have on peoples lives.  Please continue… you blew us away!”
 – Education Chairman, YPO

“We had excellent feedback from our entire team about your insightful and powerful presentation.  You were quoted in all our subsequent meetings, we particularly appreciated the immediate take home value”.  – CEO, Aroma Group YPO

“Some speakers have a ‘canned’ presentation which they trot out at every opportunity. Dori embraced our YPO audience, understood their particular needs and delivered a straight 10! She was sensational!!” – YPO University Chairman, Group Managing Director,  Protea Hotels.

“No matter how many times one listens to this incredible resource, she always finds something new to say and provokes thinking which changes one’s life”. – Education Chairman, World President’s Organisation.

“Amazing, amusing, wise, uplifting, challenging and utterly inspirational!  She talks to each of us personally.  Dori reaches the heart of our souls.  She changes lives!” 
 – Chairlady, Women Inspired.  YPO Johannesburg

“Great Talk, entertaining, take-home value,  I’d go again anytime.  Highly recommended”. – CEO Johannesburg, Managing Director, Fedsure. WPO

“I would like to use this opportunity to pay tribute to you and to tell you how much I admire you, enjoy you, respect you and care about you and also thank you for being the special active, inspiring role model that you are.  Africa is richer because of you – and so am I”.  –  CEO, Learning to Lead.